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Every client has the full support a coach off the floor, but they have the guidance of a coach on the floor as they train with the rest of the gym community each day.

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An OPEX Gym is backed by 20 years of Professional experience in the fitness industry and has truly revolutionized Personalized Fitness. We believe to achieve and sustain your success, each client works one to one with their coach who aligns exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle practices with what matters to YOU most. 

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  • On-site Training
    At OPEX CDA, our Individualized Coaching Membership is the best way to not only meet your fitness goals but exceed and sustain them! You have daily support from your own dedicated Coach who provi...

  • Personal Training
    PERSONAL TRAINERS IN COEUR D'ALENE Even just surfing online for “personal trainers near me” or “personal trainers in Coeur d'Alene” shows intent and is a positive step towards changing where you ar...

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One of the most important aspects of a client's long term results is that they make tangible progress in areas of their lives that they prioritize. At OPEX CDA we have the ability to design YOUR path to get there!

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"I am so thankful that I walked through those doors, this is exactly where I need to be."

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Our thoughts on fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles

How to Meal Prep - Your 1 Hour Plan

How to Meal Prep - Your 1 Hour Plan

Meal prep is the foundation of any successful week. Setting aside an hour on a Sunday to prepare healthy meals takes decisions during a busy week off your plate. 

The Best Bang for Your Buck Recovery Tools

The Best Bang for Your Buck Recovery Tools

Recovery is a hot topic in the fitness space. Whether it’s supplements, mobility tools, or of course, CBD cream, the market is flooded with hacks and magic pills to speed up the recovery process.

What's In Your Supplements

What's In Your Supplements

The supplement industry has us believing that their magic pills will make us stronger, faster, and healthier. Fish oil and Vitamin D help us fight the inflammation and maximize all the essential fatty acids we consume in our diets on a daily basis.

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