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Not just a physical change but a mental mind shift as well! That’s what OPEX CDA has done for me...

I was sitting behind a young lady on an airplane a couple of weeks ago and I could see that she was looking at all of her photos and editing her double chin and the size of her body, etc.… It broke my heart to see that because I was that girl...insecure, lacking confidence, strong on the outside, but broken on the inside.

I still remember the day that I first walked into OPEX… That day almost didn’t happen, I almost turned around and drove back home… So nervous to step out of my comfort cardio zone and try something new. Just then the phone rang, it was one of my brothers saying they knew that I was going to cancel and to get my a$$ to my appointment!

I pulled into the parking spot, took a deep breath and climbed out of my jeep. Walking through the doors for the first time, I was greeted by my Coach Brandon Burchfield. At this meeting I had no idea how much him and the OPEX gym would change my life!

He took me to his office and my consult began… there was a huge blank white board on the wall, he said, “this is what I know about you... absolutely nothing! Let’s fill in the gap‘s! Tell me all about you, tell me about your past and where you want to see yourself go in the future, tell me about how you are doing physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

I’m a crier, so of course we got onto certain subjects where I started crying! He said, “it’s OK to cry, I need to know everything about you to know where we need to start!” I laid it all out for him, I was open and honest and felt safe and secure enough to be vulnerable and share my fears, doubts and goals with him.

We sat and chatted for about 45 minutes… I could feel something like goosebumps due to the nervousness and excitement that I was anticipating on this journey! His words to me that sealed the deal, “Jessi... I can see that you are pretty comfortable where you are, but it’s not giving you what your body and mind need to grow.... Time to embrace the uncomfortable!!” He had me!!

Over the next few days he ran me through a gamut of body movement assessments/testing. The testing that he put me through was unlike anything that I physically had ever put my body through. Coming from spin classes three times a week, I was the cardio queen. Never picking up weights or doing any type of weight-bearing exercise before, this was like a foreign language to me. This was also something that I would have never felt brave enough to do without him teaching me and cheering me on.

A few weeks went by and I was growing to love this place! There was something special about OPEX CDA...This was the piece of the puzzle that I had been missing in my fitness journey. I started talking with the other OPEX CDA members and discovered that not only was this place different than anything I’ve ever experienced before, but the people were different as well.... this was exactly what I needed! I could tell that my life would change and magic would happen belonging to the OPEX family.

We come from all walks of life and all different fitness levels, but we have one thing in common... We want to see each other grow, get stronger and more confident. We want to see each other succeed and push our bodies! We are a family at OPEX, when we have bad days we are there for each other and it’s even better when we have good days! We are always there to push each other harder, cheer for each other louder and support one another....

My coach and everyone I’ve met at OPEX has been responsible for the mental and physical transformation that I’ve gone through. Looking back when I first started in February, I have come so far. My self-esteem and self worth have gone through the roof, I’m doing things I never physically or mentally thought I was capable of! Not just getting my body stronger, but getting my mind stronger as well!

I love the person who I’ve become and who I’m still becoming… There’s still room to grow, still room to change, still room to improve and still goals to reach! I’m looking forward to learning so much more about myself as time goes by…

I am so thankful that I walked through those doors, this is exactly where I need to be.

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