Personal Training

Personal Training


Even just surfing online for “personal trainers near me” or “personal trainers in Coeur d'Alene” shows intent and is a positive step towards changing where you are now and where you want to be.

Congratulations on making the first step towards your goal!


We have quite a range of private clients and the reasons why they come to us is always interesting as well as inspiring. Some reasons are straight forward like I want to lose weight and get fitter and others are completely off the wall.

We don’t care, your goal is our goal.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase strength, improve technique or preparing for an event, a more personal setting with an individually designed program equates to faster results.

Personal training at OPEX CDA is an effective and efficient way to achieve your fitness goals.


- If you haven't exercised for 6 months or more and want to kick start your fitness

- If you have a previous injury or are at risk of injury and want to ensure you have the right program for your needs

- You want even faster results to achieve your goals


At OPEX CDA, we feel that long term personal training has diminishing returns for your money. Any good personal trainer should be looking to keep their members for the long term, building a quality relationship and helping them achieve the best possible results. A good personal trainer should also teach you movements to the point you don’t need so much 1:1 attention. So you truly understand it and are confident in your abilities. So you don’t need a babysitter and a rep counter.

This is why we have taken a different approach to personal training.

Our approach is to build a community whilst keeping the benefits that come from personal training in our private gym in Coeur d'Alene.

You will be working out in a small group with other members and a floor coach, but with your own individualized program and training plan.

Find out more below:





Let’s say a member, we’ll call them Steve, signs up to a 3x per week package with a personal trainer at $55 per session. $660.00 per month and $30.00 per month for use of the gym. Which is great, Steve will get lots of much-needed attention, motivation, and accountability (and a pool/sauna). But after 3 months, does he still need that level of attention?

If we look at a standard hour of training. The first 10 minutes will likely start as a warm-up. After 3 months of being coached, Steve knows how to use a foam roller, he knows how to go through his dynamic warm up. So they have a chat instead, a bit of small talk. Next comes the first exercise of the day, a Squat. Steve is quite confident with this and is happy to load up to his first lift after a few pointers and reminder of his set/rep/weight scheme. 15 minutes and a few sets in, he does start to fatigue and lets his form slip. Steve’s personal trainer jumps in with help to get him back into proper form and finish the last set.

25 minutes deep and there hasn’t been much to coach. It’s an expensive bit of small talk with a few coaching cues! Now that’s not belittling the personal trainer, it is just truth. He taught Steve well! He just simply doesn’t need a personal trainer with 1:1 for this part of his workout. 


At OPEX CDA, Steve would be working out in a small group with other members. The personal trainer is coaching at all times within the hour session but can now focus on what everyone genuinely needs. Steve might move onto push-ups after his deadlifts and he sucks at them! (his words not mine) So the personal trainer will now engage and focus with him for 10 minutes on this, not small talk their way through an expensive warm up.

But along with that on the floor coaching, Steve still has his own dedicated personal trainer who he knows is there, looking at the big picture, checking his workouts every week for progress and who he speaks to every month to get personal lifestyle and nutrition guidance. 


Because of this small group setting members don’t need to pay $660.00 p/m to be coached at the gym 3x per week. Our membership is less than half of that including access to our bespoke & private gym in Coeur d'Alene and unlimited sessions with our personal trainers.

This comparison is assuming you’re lucky enough to find a good personal trainer that actually gets you the results you want. In our experience, over the years you need the right foundations to genuinely reach your maximum potential. 


Not having the kit available or having crazy busy times at a gym sucks. Our Coeur d'Alene gym is purpose built and will not have more than 8 people working out at a time. 


The fitness industry is hardly regulated and is full of low-quality personal trainers. We spend $1,000’s each year on coach education and have 1000’s of hours experience. 


You’ll get legitimate nutritional coaching. Without this, your results will seriously suffer. It’s also something so many people struggle with, how can we ignore it! This is the key to weight loss and will be instrumental in any weight gain and bulking. If you want to change your body composition, this is the place to start! 


You’ll be assigned your personal trainer who will take care of you and your program. Behind the scenes, they will keep you accountable and help guide you through it all. On top of that, the floor coaches will also be waiting with a smile to help you in the gym. 


OPEX has a saying “Assess, don’t guess.” Whatever your goal is we need to measure where you’re at now and continually assess to make sure you get them. We go deep on assessment! Body Fat %, muscle mass, weight, hydration, visceral fat, strength, mobility, stability, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, power, speed... The list goes on. If your goal is related to it, we’ll test it continually through your time here. No personal trainer will shy away from testing, we’re confident in the results. 


If you dread going to the gym or just find it boring, you’ll never make it part of your lifestyle. The trainers and fellow members keep it fun. You’ll get to know your fitness buddies pretty quickly and we also arrange social nights. What better way to get to know everyone than embarrass yourself after a few ciders! (or let the coaches do that) 


Every month you’ll sit down with your personal trainer to discuss how it’s all going. Here we have honest conversations about nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, stress, etc.. How can you expect to get life-changing results when your lifestyle doesn’t support it? You might like the idea of “6-week abs” but what happens at week 12? You’ve put it all back on again. Don’t be fooled by the “reach your goals faster” marketing ploy. 


After your assessments and consultation, your personal trainer will map out what the next 12 months might look for you. Then each month refine that program and plan the specifics. This style of a properly periodized training program will be part of why you get the best results you’ve ever had and it will also help keep you injury free! Unfortunate to say but if you asked most personal trainers, they haven’t even planned their members next week let alone the whole year. This is a fitness experience that will look at your long term health.


Yes, you want to hit your goals and get fit, but what will it cost me and can I afford it? Before we answer that we want you to really think about what a personal trainer is…

In the business world, we employ expert consultants and mentors every day to help grow our personal profile and our businesses. A personal trainer is not so different, you make an investment in us and we work towards improving your health and fitness with systems and processes.

Think of us as your mentor.

We may be biased, but we think our OPEX CDA Coaches are amongst the best personal trainers in Coeur d'Alene. So much so we have members from Hayden, Post Falls, Athol and as far as Sandpoint coming to us just to be part of our program.

In Idaho, personal training sessions can cost up to $70 an hour however our Individualized Coaching Membership includes so much more for less.

Remember this, you will always work harder and push yourself further when someone is pushing you. If you are held accountable to someone, you will deliver.

Let’s do this

We are here and ready when you are.

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