On-site Training

On-site Training

At OPEX CDA, our Individualized Coaching Membership is the best way to not only meet your fitness goals but exceed and sustain them! You have daily support from your own dedicated Coach who provides you with personalized workouts that are guaranteed to improve your strength, cardiovascular health, agility, and endurance. Whether your priority is to lose weight, prepare for a sport, or use fitness to improve your health and help balance your hectic life, we have a Coach who will guide you there.


All ages and fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to enroll. Our Coaches are not only experts in health and fitness, but they are also expert motivators and supporters. We pride ourselves on providing each client with a safe, clean, and friendly environment from day one. At OPEX CDA, your goals are our goals; and we want you to be successful in and out of the gym!

If you want to get in the best shape of your life, there is no other option than OPEX CDA's Personalized Fitness Coaching. You will be paired with a professional Coach who works one-on-one with you on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle factors so that you are able to make progress for the long run! And the best part? You will actually enjoy working out again!


+ Step One: Free Consult

Sign up for your free one-on-one consultation - let's discuss your goals and any questions you might have. Book in below.

+ Step Two: Consultation & Assessment

At OPEX CDA, we'll take you through our unique and in-depth assessment. This gives us a starting point for where you are now so that we can create the map to where you want to go.

+ Step Three: Your Program

Your coach has given you your individualized program and it's time to get started! Get your workouts in at times convenient for you in our a fun, energetic, supportive community.

+ Step Four: Refine, Refine, Refine

During your training, something amazing will happen. While your coach will always be a huge part of your journey, you will begin to take real ownership of your program, learning how to make meaningful lifestyle changes that last.

Whether your greatest goals include exploring Thailand on your 40th birthday, chasing your kids for years to come, getting a PR at an upcoming obstacle race or achieving your very best at the competitive level, we'll teach you how to get there.


+ Fully Individualised training program

Your personal program is delivered to you. No templates, completely bespoke based on your goals and the assessment process. Then, you execute the workouts and earn the results, taking your wellness journey into your own hands!

+ Unlimited Coaching

You won’t be limited to seeing a coach once or twice per week. You can book in as many times as needed and won’t be left to figure it all out yourself.

+ Flexible scheduling

Get your workouts in on your schedule - the gym floor is open and a coach is always on the floor to help you with movement, making sure everyone works out safely and to encourage and support you when you need it.

+ Monthly consultations with your coach

This ensures that your progress continues and allows you to have intentional conversations as your goals evolve.

+ Customized nutrition plan

We start slowly, to truly identify what your body needs and how it works. This is an important part of helping you achieve your goals.

+ Lifestyle Guidance

As well as nutrition we will look at things like sleep, energy levels, and stress and figure out how we can optimize everything so that you can reach your true potential both inside and outside of the gym.

+ Body Composition testing

We’ve invested with InBody to provide you accurate testing. No more guesswork.

+ Ongoing education

Our passion is to continually provide new ideas to our clients so that we can grow as a community. We will offer ongoing workshops and events to challenge, encourage and move you forward.

+ Organic community

Individual design is the best of both worlds because every member does their own customized workouts in a group environment. When multiple clients work out at the same time, natural camaraderie happens. We like to think of this as the icing on our organic cake.

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On-site Training
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