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Fitness has always been defined by end games and results.  “Work hard eat well and you can achieve your wildest dreams.” It is fascinating how deeply ingrained that thought is in today’s society.  Now, we aren’t saying that those statements are wrong on a global level but, let’s be honest, you need to think about yourself as you go through this fitness equation.  In reality, if you are working toward very specific results you need to do these things well:

  • Workout hard…but not too much
  • Workout smart
  • Eat well…and enough
  • Rest and recover

In a world that has been thrust into the “workout till you bust” mentality, the notion of working out smartly starts to look increasingly like it is highly important in your own fitness journey.  But, most people don’t want to or don’t understand how to work out smartly so that they achieve their goals and most people don’t want to or can’t pay for personal training at $100+ per session.  

What do they do?  They go generic.  

They either get into a group training template or they pick and choose from a myriad of examples of what may work for them.  What does that lead to?  In most all cases it leads to a small increase in fitness up front but then stagnation and potentially burn out in the long run.  There must be a smarter, more trusted way of reaching your bigger goals.

That is where OPEX CDA has come in.  The problem that our team has solved is how to get the best coaching delivered directly to you without sacrificing your individual results, your cash, or your autonomy.  Inside of the Remote Coaching Program (RC), here is how your experience would work:

  1. You get matched to a coach who will be the best fit for you on a personality and coaching style standpoint – it is important that you are with a coach who you can build a great relationship with and while OPEX CDA has many great coaches we want to get you with the coach who will work brilliantly with you
  2. You have a video calls with your coach to best understand where you have started, where you want to go, what experiences you have had, and how you like to train – on this call you would discuss your nutrition and training habits but you would also talk about your lifestyle so that your coach can help you make some subtle tweaks that will result in great increases in results
  3. Your coach sends you assessments and testing that you complete over the course of a few days to a week or two.  These assessments will be both general as well as highly specific to you.  Your coach wants to see how you move, how you perform in the gym, and also how you eat – this is a great starting point to understand where you need to go with your training
  4. Your coach sets the big picture game plan (your “split”) and then sends you out your first week of training – you will always get a week’s worth of training so that you can properly plan out your weeks
  5. You send your videos results through CoachRx so that your coach can watch specific movements and workouts to ensure that you are moving, breathing, and pacing properly and so that they can ensure that you are moving in the right direction on a daily, weekly, and longer time frame with your workouts and program.
  6. You have a monthly video consultation with your coach so that you can discuss the major themes in training as well as look at the big picture of the program – these calls are great places to ask questions, continue to get dialed in with your nutrition, and make sure that you are spot on with your recovery practices to get the best results possible

The reason our Remote Coaching is so effective is because you are working not only with a highly qualified and trained coach, you also have the power of all of OPEX behind you.  OPEX didn’t open yesterday, James Fitzgerald (founder) has been a high level coach since 1999.  In that time he and his team have written well over 1,000,000 fitness programs and they have trained not only some of the fittest people on Earth, they have also trained some of the best coaches on Earth as well.  The system that OPEX has built has some amazing attributes to supplement your time with your coach:

  • OPEX coaches are constantly being educated – All OPEX CDA coaches have gone through the rigorous OPEX CCP Coaching Program but part of being a coach at OPEX HQ is that James Fitzgerald educates them weekly.  OPEX brings in industry experts as well as encourages its coaches to attend certifications and educational seminars by top industry experts.  The coaches are on their own fitness journey which brings great camaraderie to your experience with them
  • OPEX CDA has a fantastic staff to ensure your experience is top notch outside of your training – whether it be from our Remote Coaching Advisor who can answer any questions you have, or the event’s team who plans online fitness events and in person get togethers, you will be well taken care of by the team in and around OPEX
  • OPEX CDA utilizes proprietary as well as industry leading products inside of it’s system – OPEX isn’t a mom and pop shop, it utilizes automated calendar systems to setup your monthly consultations with  your coach, each coach has their own private video call link so that you see face to face with them, you will utilize CoachRx to track all of your workouts and speak to your coach.
  • OPEX is a trusted brand in fitness – not only does OPEX have the Remote Coaching Program, it houses an onsite training facility, it licenses OPEX Gyms around the world, and it educates thousands of coaches globally.  It is through education that OPEX has built a top fitness system in the industry

When you think about your fitness goals, the question that you need to ask is whether or not you are achieving your highest fitness priorities or if you are spinning your wheels.  There is now a trusted way to achieve your goals, not be tied to somebody else’s schedule, and have a fun time striving to reach for your very best.  If Remote Coaching sounds like something that you are built for, Click Here to get started! 

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