Kyle Rodden

Kyle Rodden

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My fitness experience began at 13, getting into the weight room. I had a relationship with a great personal trainer in Oregon from 14 to 20 and reaped the benefits of the personal fitness experience but what I enjoyed most was the relationship that supported me in my growth as a person. Upon finding OPEX CDA and Brandon, I saw a new version of fitness in which I could deliver a unique fitness experience to people that many have never gotten to have through today's fitness industry. I have been with OPEX CDA since December 2020, in this time I had the amazing opportunity to go through the OPEX Coaching Certification Program that gave me knowledge of theory and vital hands-on experience with the support and teaching of a Coaching Master, Brandon Burchfield. This all supported me in becoming an OPEX CCP Coach here at OPEX CDA.

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