Brandon Burchfield
Head Coach / Owner

Brandon Burchfield

Being a missionary kid growing up I had traveled through six different countries by the age of eight. Settling for most of those years in an impoverished area of India. It was here, even as a young kid, that I believe my desire to become a coach was being refined. I watched my parents pour their lives out for other people. It was in these developmental years, in these circumstances, that I learned how to truly love and see the best in people, despite their current situation. I learned firsthand how the judgment of others destroys connection. We’re made to walk in humanity with one another, and that takes deep vulnerability and connection. I developed a curiosity and love for people that was deeply rooted in their best potential. I’m incredibly grateful for the model of humanity that my parent’s laid before me. They taught me that a good king wants the best for his people, and his heart must be rooted in love. 


When my family decided to come back to the states, I launched myself into sports. I played semi-pro football, which resulted in fracturing my back in two locations (L4 & L5 vertebrae). This is when my fitness journey took a drastic shift. From being an athlete all my life, dialed in and focused solely on winning, to now aligning myself with living longer and prospering, with a high quality of life. These two positions are very different, in fact, they’re opposing. With the help of OPEX, I was able to find balance in my life again - all the while living a meaningful and inspired life through fitness and the most important part is that it’s sustainable. 

Through trial and error of almost everything fitness you can think of I have dedicated my life to learning and mastering the art of Coaching others towards finding their true potential and living their best life through fitness. I've had many mentors and coaches in my life, and firmly believe that is why I'm so successful as a coach and fulfilled in my fitness journey. Always seeking progress, never giving into dogma, and continually discovering your potential

  • OPEX CCP Assessment
  • OPEX CCP Program Design
  • OPEX CCP Life Coaching
  • OPEX CCP Nutrition
  • OPEX CCP Business Systems
  • HKC Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified
  • CrossFit Level One Coach
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Certified
  • CrossFit Powerlifting Certified
  • USA Weightlifting Level One Coach
  • CPR and AED Certified
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