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Head Coach / Owner

Brandon Burchfield

9 Years of practicing Coaching Mastery. Join me on this discovery into our highest potential through Fitness. 

Our Vision

The vision of OPEX CDA is to transcend the standard model of training delivery to our clients in
our gym. We’ll create a life cycle and a support system where clients have a fitness and lifestyle
program, clearly defined and aligned with their own highest priorities.

Our Values

● We believe everybody should receive a personalized approach, no one size fits all
● We believe in building coaching relationships, not just programs
● We believe success begins with taking personal responsibility for our actions
● We believe that success and longevity requires patience and consistent drive
● We are committed to a culture of honesty and integrity for every client
● We are committed to open-mindedness, listening, and communicating effectively

● We are committed to perpetual improvement

Main OPEX CDA Points of Performance

● Integrity – character, honesty, and trust
● Courage – willing to take on personal risk, be “unpopular,” do not turn in the face of
● Toughness – holds people accountable, tackles low performance
● Adaptability – ability to adjust to a changing environment, modifies approach as needed
● Consistency of Focus – no buzzword or initiatives of the week
● Sense of Priority – unwavering commitment to strategic goals
● Creativity – innovative, imaginative, able to see new approaches and solutions
● Results – the bottom line over time, consistently delivers what was committed to


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HKC Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified

USA Weightlifting Level One Coach

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