Brandon Burchfield

Brandon Burchfield

Owner, Head Coach

15 years of Functional Strength Training (Love's Back Squats).

4 Beast 2 Supers and 5 Sprint Spartan Endurance Races.


OPEX CCP Assessment

OPEX CCP Program Design

OPEX CCP Life Coaching

OPEX CCP Nutrition

OPEX CCP Business Systems

HKC Hardstyle Kettlebell

Certified USA Weightlifting

Level One Coach

About Coach

Embodies the unique ability to humbly teach and come alongside those that are eager to make changes with their lifestyle. He is a pioneer and leader within the realm of fitness. With continuing education and eagerness to learn at the top of his priorities, he has entered into the mastery of his craft. He has been professionally coaching for 10 years and practicing fitness since he was 15 yrs old.

Turning Point

At 8 years old, I watched my invincible Dad go through what I thought might be his fatal blow. My father, a solid pillar of a man, the ultimate stud athlete superhero dad, go through failed back surgery after failed back surgery. Leaving him with extremely limited function and chronic pain. At the end of my athlete journey where sport performance was a top priority, I was suffering my way through with three stress fractures in my lower back. It was at this point that I started to change my intention within fitness away from sports performance and toward longevity and vitality. This all inspired and launched me into professionally guiding others towards greater function and health. I have now found great fulfillment in my daily fitness practices that connect me to what and who I love. All the while growing into my potential as a husband, father, and business owner. The best has yet to come, onward!

Motivation & Passion

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